Joli Jewelry

About Joli Jewelry

“Joli Jewelry was started by Jody Lyons in 1984. Inspired by her love of the styles of the 1920's-1960's and her childhood fascination with her mother's and grandmother's jewelry boxes, she began designing pieces for herself while still in college. She was soon discovered by local shop owners in the West Village of Manhattan and began creating her jewelry line….Jody's mission is to share her love and interest in original, old materials with color and texture--recycling, upcycling, reusing, whenever possible, what already exists to create modern, environmentally friendly pieces with a nod to history. The mix of components  includes vintage original plastics (like celluloid and Bakelite), old metal findings and chains, French enamels, mother of pearl pieces, glass, buttons, buckles, perfume bottle top crystals, purse openers as well as cultural  parts,  and semi precious materials.”

Source: Jolie Jewelry